Continuity and change


Drugs policy in the Netherlands

Drugs policy in the Netherlands is aimed at controlling risks
to individuals and the community arising from the use of drugs.
The main concern is to limit the damage drugs do to people’s
health. the policy document „Drugs Policy in the
Netherlands: Continuity and Change“ analyses the policy on
drugs pursued over the last twenty years.

The results it has achieved provide no grounds for any
significant change of course. Adjustments are needed, however, on
account of the nuisance arising from the use of drugs, the
involvement of organised crime in drug trafficking and the
external effects of the Netherlands‘ policy on drugs. Some
innovations are required in the care provided for drug users too.
The present programme of policy intentions is intended by the
Government to indicate how policy is to be improved.

The text of the policy document can be viewed in parts from
an index, or it can be viewed in one piece (>200K) for easy off-line
reading and/or printing.

Tweede Kamer, vergaderjaar 1994-1995,
24077, nrs. 2-3

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