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1. The Import Trade

  Opium use in English society in the nineteenth century was completely unrestricted until 1868, when the first Pharmacy Act became law. The first chapters …

The Ideology of Opium:Opium Eating as a Disease

Morphine use and the problem, as medically defined, of hypodermic self-administration were closely connected with the medical elaboration of a disease view of addiction. Addiction …

18Changes of Scene

If Dr Anstie or Sir Arthur Pease, De Quincey or some nameless back-street seller of laudanum, or some others of the great range of relevant …

The Other `Narcotics‘: Cannabis and Cocaine

  Two other drugs have long been thought of, along with opium, as `dangerous narcotics‘. The same problem framework was applied to cannabis and cocaine. …

`Britain’s Opium Harvest‘ The Anti-Opium Movement

The `opium wars‘ of the middle of the century have long been a familiar part of considerations of nineteenth-century opium use. But the most important …

2. The Cultivation of Opium in Britain

The bulk of the opium used in England at this time was thus imported. But there were also small-scale attempts at domestic cultivation of the …


Manuscript collections 1. Public Record Office Home Office papers, H.O. 45 series. Dealing with the sale of poisons, patent medicines, and the operation of the …


Addiction is the word which is popularly in use to describe compulsive drug taking. In scientific writing the word (and the underlying concept) has to …

The Adulteration of Opium

One of the reasons why opiates featured so frequently in the poisoning statistics when they were first published officially in the 1860s was the extensive …


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